4th of January…Married!

So, at the age of 37 I got that far: got married, on 4th of January 2017! Sweet.

In 2012 I’ve found the right one, my absolute love and continuous life force, soulmate, I can say that with full confidence. It took 5 years until we arrived at the day, moment; partially it had also geographical as well as political reasons that it took 5 years to get this far: we lived in two different countries in the time when we got to know each other (through G+, Skype, long story…), but nevertheless, we closed the circle of our relationship finally.

What a day…a beautiful one, and what a feeling!

My family never thought I ever will marry, I opposed it my whole life, found always an unnecessary formality that costs. Probably because my past relationships, not too many, though, haven’t been strong enough, never felt special enough to have those papers about (and book). And then she came in my life. The genuine goodness, selflessness, a kind and intelligent, caring person. The One you know: this is I’ve waited for, this is that unconditionally loving, understanding relationship where you self can feel free. Act free, speak freely, no boundaries and acts, no secrets and pretentiousness, just WE. We for each other, for family, cats, for a lifetime celebration of our liberating love.

That is also a kind of priority list for us: We, we, and then everything else…

When these thoughts hit you, then comes the decision, I have to put a ring on! Well, for her, two: one engagement, one wedding ring. And yes we did, and knowing every day and evening, I did the right thing…first time, and last, as this relationship is here to last!

And yes, the wedding rings are formed as crowns…we have a kingsize love! 😉


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