Rogue Two: A Star Wars gift

  It was around Christmas time, our wedding date was obvious for everyone, thus for my fun souled colleagues too, and some of them, those we like the most and think of as friends, have been invited for a small but cosy pre-wedding dinner and party at our place (seemed to be a good idea to upset traditions and people, and combine rather our life event with Christmas. Don’t ask why, there isn’t a good explanation for everything)

While we are not the people who would want and expect any gifts, after all, we invite family and friends we like the most and want to share warm moments, some still came with thoughtful, cute presents. Let me show an example:


Well, at least I can be right too…sometimes. 😀

And then, there are those who targeted with gift specifically me, the forever Star Wars-fan. Yayyy, it’s mine, all mine! With both sides: Dark side and the Light:


And taken to a field trip, on planet Hoth:


  Life is just too short to take it too seriously, especially when you get Lego Star Wars items, right?! Indeed. Now I know I am not the only immature one at our company, there are those (thankfully) who pick such presents. Comforting.

On a side note, no, I wasn’t playing with them after making the shots (although, the temptation for the inner child was there), but it is a keeper as a piece of decoration and memory item.

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