Snow of the…wait, what snow?

It snowed! Or did it? To understand why the things below are so damn special, we need to clarify: we are in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Last saturday when I opened the shades on the windows, I was surprised: there was snow!! Or, something like snow layer, as when I opened my eyes wider, saw the details. Approximately 2 cm white carpet on the streets.


Someone seemingly was even earlier outside than us and left a heart behind to express love for the whiteness…photo by Catherine, my wife


This is how enthusiast people are at the very first sign of snow. The tradition of making a snowman…or snow monster,  snow horror with arms chopped off  😀



Not much, but usually you really can’t hope in more, some years even less: none at all. We had the brilliant (?) idea. Let’s run outside after the first coffee and have some fun before this little is gone because of gentle winter temperatures and expected rain later!

And yes we did, like two 6 years olds, dress on (or Suit On, for Iron Men among us), calling Roxy (our Bengal cat) too, and running to the nearest bushes and fields, and tried the quality of this Poor Men’s Snow with a little snowball fight:


She made this photo blurred as she tried to avoid being hit by my snowball while photographing…well, with no luck. Ball has hit the phone eventually! Wasn’t intentional, but we laughed

We did not draw hearts in the snow, neither made snow angels, but we showed our happy for sure…on our ways:



She is originally from a tropical country, so her excitement is understandable. Cuttteee… 😉

And there it was, our next opponent. We discovered that lakes, channels are completely frozen (although cannot skate on, it is a relatively thin ice), so my “brilliance” showed again, on a 6 years old’s level: let’s break big chunks out of!


Yes, we can! And we want. 

And if we were at it, why not trying if we are strong in the Force, melt that ice…or give a fair try at least:


Obviously, this ended with disappointment


No, it’s not just me, we fit well together!

Seriously, no worries, don’t pull the alarm bells, no need for therapies!

Just more SNOW!







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