What was the tech world thinking?!

I think not so much, at least not with a big load of fantasy. How I came to this?

Well, as a technology loving boy (yes, I do look that young), where I cannot be in person, reading it through, like the big event of January, CES. You see, I did expect something really new, exciting, interesting, just to meet another dull Consumer Electronics Show. It turns out, we just might want to wait for 2018, because this year’s priorities are: gimmicks, and same old’ same old’

  • Razer Valerie (really?!), a “mere” 5.4 kg (12 pounds) laptop with three times the 4K screens to fold out. Obviously again a gaming laptop for those having more money than brain cells to use. So much for portable computer. Sure, it will sell like hotcakes! 😉
  • BACtrack Skyn, the alcohol control on your wrist. To be honest, I am all for good control and measures if it goes to drinking, let’s prevent as many as possible accidents, make citizens conscious, but such should be made more accessible, especially if we take it to account that some just can have after a party few too many…I’m not sure a screen like that with such graphs is the ideal nightlife solution…
  • Atomic Bands might just take the crown of gimmicky gadgets. So, you put four bands to your wrists and ankles (like a good fellow with house arrest sentence. Looks good, right?!) and using its accelerometers and an app, helps to develop more graceful movements. Yes, I see people lining up for this “gorgeous” device type!
  • I am so damn sure, THIS is what we all have been waiting for! Another failed-at-launch personal robot gadgetry, with a horrible, boring design and nearly zero function…well, it has a camera, but these days everything has, thanks to GoPro, if I wouldn’t be such animal friend, even our cats could walk around with one. And our cats (Bengals, btw) are certainly more fascinating than this DOA-3PO!

And let’s not forget about, honorable mentions, smartphone “innovations” are there too: thinner, lighter, bigger, smaller, even less or entirely no bezels (that with an ultrathin body, just to make it completely useless, right, Xiaomi?!), more camera, more pixels, more shine with glossy (scratch and fingerprint magnet) backs…yep, boring!

Of course, there have been SOME really useful and cool items to be aware of, but there is no fun talking about the properly done ones, is there now?! Nope.  ;-D


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