My old poem to my wife

My wife, who is and always will be treasure of my life, told me oh so many reasons in the years of our relationship why she loves me (and that is good too, as first has been a mystery simply 😀 ), and we both are the types who never hide any feelings from the other one, I too confessed her many times over the hows and whys along with a large variety of compliments and endearings, and this goes for the times too when, yet, we have been apart in two different countries of two different continents.

But I think, and remembering to her emotional reactions, I do believe the major point was when years ago I wrote her a poem, a creation of my own she received as surprise, 100% motivated by all the genuine, deep feelings I already had for her (and still have, ever growing and deepening only). Curious a bit? Well, why not, here we go:


An angel saw me

From all who came and went with time,

Silently or with great fanfare,

You left your heart right at mine

Like an angel, saw me from far.

You gave me more than heaven could be

And you opened to love and to me

When you showed all your beauty

Like an angel, saw into me.

No wish leaves my mind anymore

Your care is what I needed at all,

And you cared and are loving me

Like an angel, came rescuing.



I guess, again something different than: Hey, how ya doin’  (right, Joey?!)

While I do not think that above creation is extremely special on any way, if you still decide to use it for your romantic purposes, then hey, I feel honored, so now you know if I see it somewhere appearing, I won’t go on the fury road…there isn’t any greater purpose than love itself.

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