New year, new habits?

We see, hear and read about so many things, from general stuffs to the weirdest possible, often we believe, there is nothing that could surprise us anymore, especially with humans in context. I believed that too, many times, yet, some fellows just want to proof us wrong.

So, here we go, I go through some international, mixed bag evening news through Feedly, my great fetch-it-all online tool, second favorite reader (Flipboard ftw!), when I see the unexpected: Metro news item about a 22 years old german male shaved his genitals (yep, you read it right) in a train’s toilette! Well, I didn’t see that coming…til I did.

He must be forgetful and certainly not having this activity in a regular fashion in a train’s WC as ironically a female ticket controller of the transportation company discovered him and his activity while doing her job. She got shocked (they say at least) and turned around, left and called the police. Officers got him at the next station, while he was still busy with finishing his job on his intimate part, even when police got to him he just couldn’t be embarrassed enough to stop, he simply went for full result. After that they escorted the (not so)gentleman, and when later they questioned him about his action, as for the reason he answered he wasn’t welcome at home for the moment…I guess it’s as good as any for an explanation.

I guess it’s as good as any for an explanation. The fact that he also didn’t have a ticket for the trip certainly wasn’t making his case too much worse, he got fined anyway I would assume.

Now, if you are as much a visual person as I am while reading something, you probably are already smiling or laughing about the story and seeing the surprised controller lady’s face when discovered the act. If not, let me help you out:





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