Roxy…Bengal tale of happy

It was October of 2015, and was living already more than a year without any pets, which is unusual for my life as I have an unconditional love for animals, and a major weakness for cats…any! Cats, three, I used to adore and play with, lived with other family members, they wanted them much, and these had habits could not fit in my new neighborhood and living situation, so, I really played with the thought to have a kitten, a little “tiger” cub.

Family members, such as my mother, girlfriend (nowadays wife), and sister, all knew, my heart’s big wish is precisely a Bengal cat, a half wild and also domesticated, gorgeous home “leopard” as I called. I was fascinated by all what I’ve read, heard and saw about their looks, abilities, intelligence, AND, utterly loyal, kind personality.

They seem to learn very fast, they are extremely social, they have a tendency to connect, bond with their “owners” (I hate to use this particular word in combination with such a majestic, self-aware and loving creature, friend, but for general worldwide audience, we should) extraordinarily. Once you raise one from cub to adult and raising well with all the care and attention they DO NEED, you have a true, loyal and honest friend at your side, who happens to be VERY talkative too (I did warn you, right?)

My birthday slowly came in sight, a month away, thus family decided to surprise me (early, they couldn’t wait, and I am glad for that fact), and you can guess with what, or, rather who. With her:

You can say only Yes to such a face!

I couldn’t be any happier, I was amazed when I first saw that, at the time, 4 months old beauty! The fur, the marvelous shape, cutest ever face…that was my instant meltdown. I could barely believe, a real Bengal in our home, just arrived. Felt like magic, won’t lie about it, I hurried to introduce her to the new home.

After 10 minutes of walking and smelling around, surprisingly she came to me (I was sitting, lying on the floor, waiting patiently), and not just came to me, came to lie and look at me and didn’t take long to give gentle looks and boops with her head to my hands and face. In a record short time, a friendship arose from the first contacting.

Ever since our bond became stronger than I could dare to expect, imagine. We had an unspoken deal seemingly. We (me and my dear wife) take good care of her, teaching and nursing her, playing with and talking to her, and she does the same. And talking she does, I assure you, and that is not the part anymore which would be the wonder, but when she doesn’t. And she seems to have built quite a vocabulary, I catch a lot of different type of sound, varied lengths. She still blows my mind how she “answers” when I talk to her. And answering to everything, absolutely everything, followed with the gentlest look of a pair eyes one could ever experience:

And teaching? Well, you see, once you have a Bengal at home, you’re not the only one teaching the new member of the family (ours is small; me, my wife, Roxy, and now her son Diego), but in exchange you receive some lessons as well, only a Bengal tiger can teach you the best:

There is unconditional love and loyalty with a cat, there is unprecedented intelligence, the ability and will to learn everything you throw at (sometimes literally, we play “football” often), a wonderful companionship meant just for you, those who gave her home and love every day, and no one else. The love for the things you love (a good walk/run together, that is a must!), the care and attention for those things you care about (nothing was ever broken or chewed, besides one little accident in the first week.), endless patience and understanding in difficult moments (animal clinic as for one, when she got ill), being always (no joke, nearly always) at your side (around legs, or on your neck, head, shoulders, arms or lap, no problem for them) as you never are an inconvenience for her and never will be!

Those eyes tell it all, more than any words!


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