The originality in…The Originals

And there, it comes out, and with this now you are getting to know me even better, to all the “dark”, mysterious corners of my eternal soul, lingering in the nights in ever agonizing pain of hollowness and lonely…

…ok, just joking a bit, but this post had to start like above to fit its title and topic, my absolute favorite and often dark series: The Originals.

When it started up with the first episodes of season one, merely the curiosity of vampire theme drew me front of the screen (as it happens, vamp stories are my favorite tales), yet not giving too high hopes for, knowing how modern stories like Twilight (facepalm for the shining, elf-like vampires) or Vampire Diaries worked out. Well, not so good, to say the least.

But then The Originals happened; and it showed, so much can be told and shown about it with so much refreshing sense of humor, often very dark, witty, but hilarious lines between the thousand years old siblings and their foes/friends, while other times true poetry emerges motivated by the freshly or long lost love, newly (re)discovered care and slowly (re)building foundations of trust and devotion to one could never care less before, or it seemed at least. Well, all these while, of course, we don’t have to miss out the carefully crafted traps and spectacularly executed scenes of blood spilling, vampire meal times, limbs tearing, head choppings…naturally, midden in a constant war zone where practicing witchcraft is just common daily routine for some in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

In one thing most of the fans agree: Klaus (Niklaus), the meanest and most paranoid of the three siblings, is the true spice of the story, and, let’s face it, the most hilarious and poetic often. It is just as a fact as the grass is green and roses are red and black, and who cares about violets. To celebrate the darkest of all, the one who makes the devil weep, according to him, here is a nice selection of his greatest lines:

“We can sit and eat, or I can reach down your throats and pull out your insides. The choice is yours.”

“It seems you people respond best to displays of violence”

” I’m going to eliminate an old friend before he gets his teeth into my therapist.”

“I’ve never been daggered. I never knew it was such an agonizing experience. It does help explain why my siblings loathe me.”

“This may come as a surprise to you, Camille, but I’m not a terribly good person.”

“- It must really suck to have to be you all the time.
– Well, it hasn’t been a picnic, honestly.”


“Good! Then it’s settled! Off you pop to your respective tasks. Me, I’ve always been of the opinion that the best defense is a good offense. So I’m going to find a way to murder that god-forsaken witch.”

“I compelled you to speak the truth not state the bloody obvious!”

“The truth is Elijah and Rebekah can be a bit naive when it comes to family relations. Case in point, their unending faith in me. I repay that loyalty by guarding them against treachery they cannot see and I sense that you are treacherous indeed.”

“In every moment a choice exists. We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us. Such an uncertain future may call for even more uncertain allies. Either way, a new day is coming whether we like it or not. The question is will you control it, or will it control you?”

“I know in the last millennium we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but in this moment I am reminded of something Elijah has always said. Family is power.”

“You mistake my intentions. I haven’t come here to fight you. Not at all. This is to be an execution. Tell me, how exactly would you like to die?”

“It turns out my brother is even more depraved than I am. He is the noble stag no longer, indeed, an altogether different beast is creeping through the cracks. And you have also altogether failed in your representation of me because there is one thing you never thought me capable of. Forgiveness. You, Finn, have remained a boar for centuries but here is where your true fault lies. You never learned that the bonds of family far outweigh anything else. Such bonds trump petty jealousies, they overcome great feuds, and yes, they even allow one monster to pardon the great sins of another.”

“We were innocent once, Elijah. This bloodlust was forced upon us by our parents, turning us from prey to predator. We are the demons lurking in shadow. We are the savage villains in fairy tales told to children. But not for my child. Not for Hope. In her story, we are the knights in shining armor. Without you by my side, I don’t think I can survive my own love for my daughter. I need you. I need you, brother. The monster in me can only be checked by the monster in you. Only together can we defeat our demons and save our family.”


“I’m sorry, is this some sort of motherly critique? Please, feel free to choke on it.”

“You rant and rave about the monster I have become, but you, mother, you are the author of everything I am.”

“Hello, Tyler. You look well. I aim to change that.”

“As you may have yet to realize, Cami, the line between what brings us pain and what sustains us is far thinner than one imagines.”

And the monster’s probably most important moment, probably greatest turning point for his character, his inner world, the very last moment with his dying Camille in episode 19th of season 3:

[Tears fall down Klaus’ face as Camille takes several breaths and collapses against his chest]

Do not be afraid. You go now where many have gone before you. And where even I will go in time. Just know…there will be no more pain. No more heartbreak. You will find peace.


Thank you guys for 3 very entertaining and refreshingly smart seasons and education in english for those in dire need! Now it would be really time for a 4th…


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