And the winner of all times is…

…certainly not you and me! Good morning (or eve)…and what is this about? Apple, say analyst is closing to a dizzying one trillion (yes, with a ‘t’ this time, not a ‘b’) total iOS revenue! No, not for a year of course, but ever since it exists, well, 10 years that would be. Totals everything of iOS ecosystem of a decade…still…it is a proof how well the same thing sells over and over again with a different background (ok, this is exaggeratedly simplified, admitted).

This is of course different from what cash they momentarily hold on in reality (they usually estimate it around 200 billion, whoop!) and value of real estates, devices in logistic, etc, but still, if you are a company with long term success of such magnitude, what all could you do in your country or world, others, those in dire need, could benefit from?! Huge!

  • Solving the entire homeless situation of the United States and even outside. Fully, on your own, and you still hold most of your money.
  • Schooling all those kids across the globe (and feeding) properly, otherwise cannot reach to such goals.
  • Feeding and providing clean water to millions at places where that basic human right is just a dream often, mainly due to the greed of the rest.
  • Providing help to prevent extinction of beautiful, majestic creations of this amazing planet, provide green again for places used to be, but got destroyed and left behind. Animal world could have some home extensions too!
  • Pursuit developments for other battery types/energy sources in orde to prevent materials used from countries where enslaving children is commonplace. Additionally, could place those modern age slaves under protection…
  • Cutting on the 800-1000 euros/$ prices. Showing a little love for your customers wouldn’t hurt, especially in the long term.

I guess the list is far from complete, but we get the idea a little. Greed is of course not a technological problem, it is human DNA.

Don’t get me wrong, this is far from being an Apple bashing article, they have great products, useful and appealing on very good reasons, and I love technology of all kind myself, no matter what ecosystem. Besides Apple’s name is not the only could be called out, but basically every major company in all the industries, being that Shell, Alibaba, Google, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Walmart… just to be fair, it is not Apple only. The world rots because of the greed of ALL!

The world rots because of the egoism of ALL called human!


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