There is light at the end…

Some do everything just to show us: there is light at the end of the tunnel. They create it, and they maintain it with what they do and how.

Yesterday I wrote a long(ish) post about a pretty dark topic of puppy mills and shelter life for animals, with facts that are really not for the faint of heart. Some things cannot be told and showed often enough, simple.

But in a world where is so much dark out there, there comes light too. For the balance in the force, next to despair, hope rises on the other side, caused by those who put unusual efforts and their talents, even money, in their beloved operation. And, well, a sense of humor, flat out silliness 🙂 Such is the lovely crew of the animal rescue and no-kill shelter,

Such is the lovely crew of the animal rescue and no-kill shelter, FurKids, which operates with many volunteers too besides employees, fostering programs and having group involvement activities. What makes them even more special these days, outside of the love for animals, their humorous idea of a low-budget advertisement video, which has now, after 3 weeks being online, more than 4 million views on YouTube! Let’s see why is that exactly:

So, this is why it is so popular, and not without a reason got very famous on Reddit and Facebook too, featuring on Reddit’s front after release.

We all like a little different, a less standard (or not at all) approach to an otherwise heavy topic, other than sad music and heartbreaking pictures and video scenes want to make you adopt 3 of them right away. A smart, warmer, welcoming message, encouraging for adoption and support with a promise of finding definitely the right furry friend and the hug for your life, telling and showing in a way everyone can easily bond with, from age 6 to 96.


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