Rotterdam, city of green

We, especially here in Europe, can hear so much in recent years about going green: companies’ productions/product designs becoming more eco-friendly, cars go massively electric, being prompted gently by providing new innovations and plans to save energy, water, list goes on. But, what about your city you leave in? Your streets, your neighborhood? How much lungs they have, the green growing (or disappearing)?

The thing is, I can’t complain if it’s about Rotterdam and surroundings, for the biggest part then, there is plenty of green. Huge parks, bushes, green neighborhoods, entire districts, green is basically everywhere, and I do love that so much. This view, as just one example, a street away from our home:

Quite clean, right?


And birds everywhere. All kind of: seagulls (they are actually funny little agressors), as for my favorites, OR, even parrots (don’t ask me how they survive winters, although there are some friendly bird feeders), seemingly living on their own…in bunches mostly, some alone:

Love to see and hear them


But outside our closer proximity, the rest of the city also has much of the green, or in winter photos less obvious green of course, nevertheless, nature let’s state so. See some more of:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And there is the humidity and cold with winter which makes other, less green parts of the city interesting on an early weekend morning:


Walking dead scene? Nope, just a foggy (not smog thankfully!) sunday morning


And this is far from everything, there is definitely much more to see once one has the opportunity for a visit. Like the place on the east of Rotterdam, Kralingse Bos (Kraling Bush), wonderful walking/running/cycling location, or swimming in lakes, stopping for a picnic.

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