Emperor rises…Diego, the cub

The beloved Bengal, our now already known Roxy, with fall 2016 (first week of October) surprised us, right after being in her first summer heat, with a lovely little boy, we ever since call as Diego (or at times emperor Palpatine…hey Star Wars home, ok).

Well, truth is, there were two other cubbies, sadly Diego was the only one who has been strong enough to live on, despite every effort and care from mother Bengal and us, the others seemed to be just too weak (and maybe internal ill), they shortly after birth passed away. Sometimes happy moments of life come followed by the dark side, the sad. But hey, cheer up, Diego turned out great, became an emperor on the rise, THIS:

Still undecided between the Dark and the Light side of force…

I can tell you, after three months growth and playing (with mother, very wildly, and with our body parts whenever can attack), he is a handful! It seems he has such a huge amount of energy, which is expected, could power a home if you put him in a cat wheel. Running furiously (and drifting often, we have a glossy, well-maintained laminate floor, anything slides easily on it) all over the place, jumping like rabbit, crashing into things randomly; and doesn’t care about pain obviously; attacking limbs then jumping from them, and challenging simply everyone to pick a cute “fight” and then offering sudden peace with licking and, gently, chewing on hands. Just a handful, or with his recent growth, 2-hands-full.

Emperor has his command and conquer tower. My wife at times

But nothing, just nothing, lasts forever. Same goes to his energy cells, thankfully, it gets empty sometimes, and in a sudden moment, he just drops down where he is at the moment, or climbing to our laps, and makes himself extra attractive and overload with cute while sleeping and dreaming deep and peacefully:

And there it goes, his Sith power: cuteness overload of Palpatine overlord.

Now that is a face one cannot deny anything from, nor ignore. We can’t either, there is the sole weakness inside for this much love 😀

And other side of the story?! Mother and son love; just beautiful. If they are not furiously playing (read: epic boss fights, just barely without flying limbs), they show how to care and mean family to each other. Gorgeous, so, whatever you are doing the moment, you just have to stop for a  little while, just to enjoy the view of the two.

The mother’s face tells a lot: “Why oh why had to…”



Quite sweet, such a family life and bond, isn’t it?! Are you ready for more melting and warmth? Then…here we go:

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