Even in illness there is style

Ok, fortunately not literally illness, but Roxy (our now well known, 1 and half-year-old lady Bengal) needed a routine surgery, sterilization, as her heat happens so often and besides none of us could have every year or half year a baby-boom at home. It simply would be irresponsible (none of us wants to bring months old cubbies to the shelter if people would not want them every so in a while), and if leaving her in heat without certain natural satisfaction of it, then again, could have other medical conditions, we rather would avoid. What choice remains, right?!

Doctors did a good job, also the report received after, stating that all went great, so now we supply her standard medication against possible pain and inflammation, and wondering in meantime how incredibly cute she looks in her medical shirt! Seriously, I did not expect that a cat can look this sweet and charming in such a (much-needed protective) clothing:


Red suits her…in this case literally.

Again I had to be amazed by her patience and intelligence regarding the entire process: going to the clinic, examination, little shaving there, days after surgery. She is bearing (and wearing, as you see) all the things with wonderful cooperation, giving the same endearing looks with her eyes as usually and not leaving her food there untouched even though it contains medication once a day. Very smart and definitely satisfied with, and we, of course, don’t miss a chance to express that to her as we can.

Obviously, she does actively listen, just look at the face:


Always gorgeous and intelligent




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