Nature calls…and the ducks

I think it’s already pretty clear, I do love animals.

While I have my favorites, cats, especially race cats as Bengals, others might count on my love and attention as well. Dogs, squirrels, or, even birds. Earlier today me and my wife went to our usual grocery tour, but instead of our normal walking route, we’ve chosen a different path, away from streets a bit and more through parks, looking at lakes while walking. Peaceful and gives chance for good conversations.

There was a point where at one of the lakes we met an unusually large group of birds, from wild ducks to goose, heron, seagulls, name it. We love to look at them, how they fly, play, troll each other, or like today’s winter weather, sliding on the ice water while landing, funny when seagulls do that, they get surprised and that is how their reaction to it too.

‘Hey human, where is our bread, he?!’

While we slowly were walking front of this group, with our yet empty grocery bags, they all started to walk and run towards us, thinking, seeing our bags, we are soon sharing some seeds and/or breadcrumbs. Well, babies, just not yet! Of course, we thought about it, so we told them, just stay here, don’t worry, on our way back after shopping our food supplies, we bring some for you too guys.

And naturally, we keep our word to our friends of our neighborhood and on the way to home, we stopped at the same place, got out the extra bread we bought for them and started with the fun. When they saw the bread, they ran, flew from all directions to us, standing literally at my feet. Heartwarming, the trust and asking for the promised share. The light moment of the day.

The Birdman
Lunch with a convo

Even birds, like these above, can be cute and fun. Just make sure you approach them the right way…with peace and… with food! 😀

Video is soon coming up…!

Update! Our video is here, upload done:

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