“Science” of beer

Humans need to precisely categorize everything; making charts, tables, sheets, collections. And, with a serious beer competition, 2016 World Cup of Beer (Sunglass Warehouse), comes a serious “science” table of all kind of beers, the best brewies around the world in different categories marked with colours in a….yes, periodic table of beer!

No kidding…just look at yourself, and on the site of the announcement, it is even interactive: you hover on or tap on some names, they pop out in large with attributes.


That is today’s modern (pseudo)science fun of a thousands of years old habit and love, brewing and consuming the best possible beer.

They made, by the way, their table of these gold-medal fluid courage beverages available for download and print (a PDF) as a nice gigantic poster if you need (bar owners, attention please!).

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