My chromebook revolution and revelations

Well, hi there again!

You could guess, today there is a little bit of tech talk on the agenda, but no worries, more actually from the human language perspective. Just happened that two-three months ago I made a switch, parting from Macs and Windows machines in favor of Chromebooks. Or, for this particular new, more powerful 14 inch model: Acer’s new Chromebook for Work..and I love it!


Just gorgeous…and yay, MATTE screen, no glossy nightmare!!


One part of the reason was utter curiosity (which, we know, have had many cat victims in past, as tends to kill), why these machines (besides price tags) and Chrome OS are so extremely popular and well sold recent year(s)?! Other reasons were Windows, as it never fails to be a garbage of a system in general, sooner or later something unexplainable failure happens, a dramatic one of course, and Mac…well, price tags of machines and software alike, we know, are beyond reason. And truth is, in my situation, Chromebooks’ software and hardware features are enough for my computing needs (browsing, music through Play Music, Netflix, writing), and additionally I own a tablet too, one of high quality.

After months of usage, a mixed bag one, and discovering all ins and outs of today´s chrome os and chrome store, I can confidently say I will stick with this choice. Finally a laptop with a 14″ matte (YES, matte!) screen with Gorilla Glass protection, power enough with its new generation i5 Skylake Intel processor and 4GB RAM, water drainage capability, really good webcam for Skype or Hangouts, USB-C, and importantly: battery usage time is fabulous, charging is super speedy, especially considering it is a laptop!


Just a few additions…

Keyboard is comfortable, as is the relatively larger touchpad which has some other functions as well not just swipe down and up, but two and three finger swipes for additional actions as page switches on sites, window overview of opened applications/pages, like a Mac, although not all of its finger gestures are implemented naturally (nor have to be IMO).



I don’t see any design problems here, and it IS comfortable to type…oh yeah!
Chromebooks have their custom control buttons to make life even better. Would not want it differently.

Software wise also, no one should be afraid. Ok, there is no Logic Pro X studio suite or Photoshop SuperUltra MegaX for $999 (just for fun sake said like this!), but for most tasks you are more than fine with: from normal to intermediate photo editing (see suite below, lovely pro thingy), enjoying photo collections and videos (Google Photo), Netflix (you can use it as windowed, as an app, that goes for most stuffs btw), work on documents, listen to music (own files, or through Play Music), handle with your home server’s files (file management grew up actually)…list goes on. ChromeOS is indeed useful. Without the malware issues, late updates, slow downs, hiccups and unexpected BSODs. Those aren’t bundled in as “features”, but you wouldn’t miss them I guess.


Edit photos as you like, with Polarr

And to sweeten the deal, soon enough millions of android applications will find their way to Chromebooks, and not through a poorly executed emulator, but as first class citizens. That will expand greatly the power of these handy and inexpensive machines.


File management on ChromeOS, local, home server and cloud options in one


ChromeOS’ app launcher. Apps, extensions and web apps, all what you use/installed


Because we don’t want the same wallpapers all the time, switch is easy and elegant enough, with good overview in categories. And, because…hmmm…Star Wars! 😀








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