Photo “tour” Chinese New Year Rotterdam ’17

Hiya, missed me? Probably not, I’m here anyway, like it or not (for liking, there are buttons below, and yes, I am shameless to promote) šŸ˜€

Last weekend there it was again, a nice, colourful and cheerful Chinese New Year, preparing for the year of the rooster. My wife Catherine has been there this year (we have been together a year ago, this time I decided not to, but asked her for photos and videos rather) and came back with a few gems.

Let’s see some:

You see, year of the Rooster
Local shaolinĀ (they say) school, tai chi group standing up to start
And there, tai chi show. You don’t see here, but they ARE moving šŸ˜€
Chef is featuring…dead pig right from under theĀ guillotine and a little cooking show. On the left, in the background, that lady must be vegan, she doesn’t look very glad…

And dragons, food, mini-dragon-dog combo, shaolin school members (content of the dragon), guy with tai-chi sword, and chineseĀ Santa (?) with the visitors:

Andddddd….action! Shaolin students with various skills:

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