Humor strikes – the empire – back!

And even Mr. Donald J. Trump (does J stand for jerk or jackass?) can’t escape it: humor of Europe, wit, satire, burning sarcasm. After his election and later inauguration (my god, what a word, and I had to type it…) speech, we just could not resist (and things like alternative facts, haha) to show so much…”love” for him and his America first slogan.

We are after all happy with 2nd place too:

After this video was released, and very quickly became very famous, other countries seemingly joined the party and results are, although majority countries did not yet respond with an own work, hmmm, strong. Very. We even maintain a special site for these welcome “gifts” HERE . It’s a great site. Seriously, it’s huge.

Belgium right after us:

If you want a good day, check the site, videos are better and better with every new participant



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