Bleh, yuk,Valentine…

Welcome, welcome, to the second most disgustingly commercial day of the year (Christmas for the other, although I still like that one of a celebration), bloody Valentine’s Day, and bloody for real if one knows what would be originally behind Valentine as for tortures and dead sentence goes, instead of  99 luft balloons of hearts and overpriced versions of simple milk chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and multitude versions of normally non-existing flower types called to life to boost sales and make you feel special. All that to remind you to “celebrate love” and to “donate” 50+% of your income to these blatant rip-offs; while most of the world’s population, as for the younglings among us for starters, loses grip on at a rapid pace what actually love could and should mean, especially with couples:

  • Cooking for your other half a surprise meal, and if you can’t, learn it! For her! That shows determination, devotion, while eating a good one,
  • How do you feel? – asking sometimes such while you actually mean it too, genuinely being interested in the other one, well, won’t ever harm,
  • Creating and using a wildly wide range of endearments, even a combos of, and using them knowing those WE did create specially for each other,
  • Bring some flowers to her…on ANY day and a hug, kiss with…sense of humor. That would make a difference between type of Mondays (and after that, in your evening too, later in the bedroom). No more blue!
  • You remember that little bushy park, or the small lake from last? Why not showing her too, a slow, relaxed walk while talking to each other (again something else than texting emojis) and hell, even playing on the way, joking, being completely and utter silly…with no phone notifications?! Growing to each other, more than a balloon could make you,
  • Thank you! – my god, can mean a world for her, especially combined with a surprise hug and whispering in ears kindly. No matter for what, for anything small she did/caused, show, tell that those are seen and matter! Being appreciative isn’t a weakness but not being an ass and not taking things for granted. ‘Cause you never should…

Just SOME ideas (we here at home practice btw with wifey) to make more than one day glowing red of love and special for more than a one day’s memory…might be for a life, meaningful!

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