The extensions of yourself

Huh, you thought I’m going to introduce again some deep-going analysis of personal aspects, personality, didn’t you? Nope.

What this is about today is far more practical (and less boring), and no pseudo-science crap involved. I don’t do such, I leave that to the Trump-administration and their alternative facts (oops, too soon?). Extensions for Chrome browser and OS, I personally find incredibly handy, useful and even must-haves. Extensions anyway are great applications to provide awesome functional expansion to your entire browsing experience, making it even a large production/productivity field.

My beloved ones:

  • Black menu for Google: Makes opening any Google service’s page, web app a breeze, no matter what are you on, OR, do a search from its drop-down menu. Must have imho!

    Black Menu for Google
    Black Menu’s window
  • Google Translate extension: Well, it is what it says and does what it says. And honestly, how many times we really can need it because of sites’ main contents, comment sections, messages?! All the time these days.
  • Grammarly saves the day, and the face: Come on, none of us can say being perfect all the time with typing, using grammar, no one. And that is just human. And when a human does an error, software can fix it.
    Grammarly settings
    Grammarly extension’s settings window. Choose British (the real thing) English or US and go!


  • Pushbullet notification heaven (or hell): Messages and other app notifications from your smartphone to your laptop/desktop? Hell yeah, with this one installed on both, surely will do. You can also send texts and attachment files to your devices, to all of them at once. With an extra fee monthly or annually, you enable yourself to answer notifications too.
    Pushbullet in (partial) action and extension UI


  • Cite this for me, web citer: Automatically creates website citations in different formats. You run a blog, you might need it, for sure.
    Simply browse to the page you wish to cite and click the button to generate a correctly formatted citation.
    Then copy-and-paste the citation into your assignment, or add it to your online bibliography for safe keeping until later.


  • OneTab, the tab tabber tab: Many tabs opened and the clutter is magically huge and eating up resources, yet, not keen on closing them entirely?! Then you might want to use this… screenshot-2017-02-16-at-13-23-58


  • Ears audio toolkit EQ for your browser: Music video on YouTube (or talking cats), Play Music, Spotify Web…no matter why, this could be useful for improving audio experience while browsing.

Ears equalizer extension UI

  • Pocket, read it later: my lovely article collector and advisory in one, both on my chromebook and my phone, besides Flipboard of course


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