Relive our youth, 3310 times!

Hooray it’s back, one of the most indestructible phones of Nokia, and 120 million sold from 2000 on, perhaps most iconic and for the time fancy, good looking design! Well, for a feature phone (you know, those which lasted a workweek on a charge, not a workday, maybe just slightly exaggerated) still good looking with a handy size…

…BUT, it is now back to strike again, surely not the 4G networks, or even 3G, but the HEARTS. Everyone who owned one, or still does so, loved (loves) them for sure. They are durable, reliable, hand (-grenade) sized, with the most important feature: SNAKE! Haha, you thought I would say calling, he? Come on, be real! 😀

Well, its design, the revamped 2017 3310, is refreshed somewhat, especially screen wise (bigger and colour), but still easy to recognise and get goosebumps from. It has a camera, yes, but not for serious photography, just there for being there-wise, probably to make the picture complete.


Device is way thinner than the Q4 2000 ancestor phone, which is welcome change I guess, has 32Gb storage, and of course, it is NOT android but operates Nokia’s own feature phone OS version…well, newer than used to be…BUT…

…it has SNAKEEEEE:


And I am writing, ironically, this post the day when my brand new OnePlus 3T came in (gunmetal colour version, 64Gbyte)…what are the odds, right?!

In comparison, my new OnePlus 3T, with 6GB of RAM, 64Gb storage, Snapdragon 821…well, a powerhouse in the pocket. Because we never settle…

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