Thoughts on the 3T…and the complaints

So, some weeks ago decided to part from my loyal assistant, my Samsung S6 Edge Plus (5.7″ top notch, still top notch, phone. Or pocket computer rather) in favour of a new OnePlus 3T. I just loved its design, fast software upgrade news, and raving reviews. And its much lower price point with flagship specs of course, with really speedy charging and big battery. It’s great. It’s huge (Trump’s voice over). ūüėČ

Seriously, look at that design! Gorgeous. Feels good too in the hand, and feels certainly premium…

Well, understandable, right?!

Naturally, after I started using the device, much to my delight, became a member quickly of their community, forum too, through the preinstalled OnePlus Community app. Makes sense, who knows what kind of valuable information you gather, tips and tricks, some specialities. ¬†Sure, there are enough such if you take your time to browse¬†through, however, what more obvious is…the many complaints about its battery usage time and camera quality, both are concerns for me too, as I love to photograph with my phone and both are crucial aspects with¬†daily usage. Logically, because of the many complaints, I started to think I might have made a bad choice. Well, did not! My device functions as expected: awesome!

About its camera:




And the battery, besides it’s charged in an hour thanks to their Dash Charge tech, lasts definitely long enough for a smartphone today. Above 5-6 hours Screen On Time, often 7++. Yep, so much about battery issues I guess. I might be lucky, but truth is, its performance is consistent (also could thank Android’s more optimal working perhaps, as recent version is to find on the device and even more recent¬†one is on the way), every day experiencing the same. It is a solid device, marvellous design and handy features.

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