Something’s been changed around here

Yes, true, I just changed the looks of this site (and with that, some of the features are more visible), I hope you will like it. By the way, hi, how are you?!

It was a necessary step. Why?!

As someone with a sense of responsibility for his dear readers’ experiences (saw a boost in subscriptions as well as daily visits, so, thank you!), I regularly check if my contents and the whole site show and function as they should, and checking on 3 devices, 3 screens: laptop, tablet, and a smartphone. And it was slightly bad… the main menu sometimes disappeared from the top, widgets were hard to find on mobile devices, and loading, although has not been awful as an AMP site, still could be better. And IT IS! So much better!

Scrolling, browsing got smoother, looks are more, much more polished, site features are easy to reach out for; menus, buttons clearly show. Modern and organized, that’s the way I like it, oh I like it, aha aha… 🙂

I believe it will be a pleasant experience for everyone, I sincerely hope so and always will strive for the best possible results for sure. It is a great feeling that in the site’s short existence, mere 2 months (IF), so many people showed interest in my articles, topics and as I saw today, more growth is possible. Wonderful.

More to read and more fun coming up soon. Keep reading, keep smiling!



“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks” – Charles Gordy 😀


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