Women’s Day doodled by Google

Let’s face it, Google knows how to web.

Better said, how to code for the web, presenting anything, truly anything on the www. And their doodles tradition is one little bit of regular show off how fun that can be: slideshows, music, really fun games, and they, of course, are always all linked to appropriate information about the subject.

Today’s Doodle isn’t different, just serious (and if you forget the date, slightly lethal 😉 ): International Women’s Day! And they created something great again for their page:


Visiting this on their site, by hitting the big Play button, a creatively done slideshow starts with epic female achievement showing on each slide, selected throughout our history. Of course, as one would expect, this doodle leads to Women’s Day information too, important female characters from different times and countries and what their roles have been, their accomplishments.

Nice G, a cute reminder why it isn’t a weakness to treasure our ladies; let them pursue their dreams, creative aspirations, and in first place: being respected! Things everyone should give and receive, right?!

Ladies around the globe, have a great day, a nice celebration!


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