“Your Assistant is here…”

…with an update through Google Play Store, as I was informed, and a server-side switch ON, my (supposed) new assistant has arrived earlier this morning. Actually, much to my delight, I can activate with voice any time for any search/info queries, no need for Allo or Now app to open anymore, well, quite a difference. Besides the fact that pretty much the best quality voice assistant from all the available ones.

And if there is nothing sensible to use it for at the moment, why not for fun?! Like, having some short jokes (ideas for later, telling those to others) 🙂

– How does the train eat? – It chew-chews

I know, I know…le sigh…and worse! 😀

But, there are some more, just to make you feel 100%……desperate:



But hey, there is usefulness in too, like showing what you already knew when you stood up: it’s a shitty day to be alive:


Btw, the weekend seems to be better…there is some good news (can’t rain forever!)

And the epic query, unquestionably the most important from all the technological advancements:


And for the utterly curious (or very lonely), there are some other answers as well:




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