Book recommendation: Thorn Birds

It was in the 80’s when I first have met with the story, although not through the book, but 4 pieces of VHS (for the young generation: video cassette tape, usually one or two full-length movies on them) we received from a friend that time. It was good, so we watched it in two evenings…two long ones, yes!

Thanks to Google Play Books online store and app, I rediscovered this old favourite, in my favourite form too: as the book of Colleen McCullough. Yay! Of course, I purchased it immediately (never had the book), especially given the price 6 euros. An absolute no brainer.

Colleen McCullough (1937-2015)

And again, it is about book and reading, so, money is always well spent…or almost, I had regrettable book purchases in the past, although, not many, fortunately. This one I already know as a great one, knowing the film series made in the 80’s out of it, and a book usually is better, way better than a movie/series. Except for such as Twilight perhaps. That is just beyond pathetic, putting the vampires to shame 😀

I am NOT going into the story, I don’t want to spoil anything in case you haven’t met with the story (epic and was quite unusual that time) and want to read. But honestly, everyone should. If you decide so HERE you can grab the e-book, republished by Harper Collins in 2009.

Got it? Nice. Now have a coffee or tea and Enjoy!





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