Think different? Cook different!

I love to eat, so does my wife, our cats even more, and sure thing, like to cook…well, at times.

Also from time to time, just to spice things up (yep, pun intended, of course), to have enough variations with food too, we like to get great (or in first instance great looking) ideas. It is now from a quality cooking book, a website, an app dedicated to such or YouTube video, doesn’t really matter. All kind of sources are welcome.


And about YouTube as source spoken…you know the situation and the feeling caused by, when you start to look for something perfectly normal, a casual search or binge watching and suddenly, you have no idea how, you end up in a weird (but still hilarious) corner of its web?! Let’s state the obvious, we do too 🙂

This time we ended up (or just started with, as we both, with record speed, subscribed to) with a kind of cooking channel which rather gives you the chuckles and then 3 videos later s*** in your pants by laughing painfully hard, sometimes uncontrollable. From the first video you view already starts to become clear: this isn’t for education in reality, not for golden kitchen tips and tricks for the novice, oh no. This is, ladies and gentleman, satire anno 2017, with fantastic video quality, hilariously great video editing. Curious already? Here we go, an example from his channel of Doom:


You start feeling me? Now you know, you suck at cooking and with every video he dares to throw it in our faces 😀

Seriously go through his videos, they are fabulous, there is no bad day, depression, or whatever trouble could stick, after this video therapy!

One more, and my favorite, example:

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