The tiger’s morning

It is even easier to understand that a different season starts, when Bengal tiger mama is coming, day after day, far too early in the morning above your bed and head to “invite” you both to outside (after tuna time!), sneaking close enough to your ears, and says: “Rightttt meoowww!” accompanied by funny faces like these (made other days, with same “requests”) :

bengal cat mama and son waiting

bengal cat mother's demanding face



Well, obvious, he?! First step (pic no.1.), inspecting if there is enough attention towards her, and if not, step two, there comes the ‘Right meow!’ command with high enough pitch in audio to make sure that the amount of attention necessary to please the queen is going to be received.

Next to her, peacefully, her 5 months old son is sitting, also on above photographs (as well as this morning at our bed), probably to get educated from early on…in…blackmailing 101! 😀

You gotta love the a**hats…

We surely do.

And after they got their royal feeding, I was allowed for mine, and Catherine, my wife too, with our more than necessary coffees, and waited until the weather is less chilly, it’s coming to a nice temperature, sun is up, and hurray…family walk through parks, bushes!

cats love climbing

She just loves these walks together. As a Bengal, she always has been very attached, very social, intelligent, and with that high EQ (not equalizer, no…she doesn’t have that). She just wants to do things together, simple is that. And it is better you want too, otherwise….you WILL anyway, ha-ha!

Actually the group walk has been our idea, we got her used to at a younger age, more on safety reasons, keeping an eye on her and also being curious what she does outside anyway, so, as a smart kid and now adult, she didn’t forget how much fun it is to run and walk together, “harass” wild birds together (not literally, no animal cruelty involved, our family, obviously, loves nature) with smiling to each other and teaching her that climbing trees is OK, no need to be afraid.

roxy the bengal cat on shoulders

With latter, climbing trees, she got comfortable, now she sees the fun in the activity, yet the company is still and always welcome. A human is seemingly a great ladder and one works like telescope: at wish puts me up to the tree, or providing surface to step down. Like this fun moment this morning:

cat ladder provided by man's shoulders



Yes, once you start to raise a Bengal, they grow to you, they love you, and it is for a lifetime. You become family for her, most important part of her life, not to part from. No conditions, no strings attached, except for maybe: they ask some from your time. We happily give it, for both, mother and son.

And finally, after enough running, climbing and playing around, they get their well earned lunch and rest time. Cute when they are gone to dreamland…well, they are always…even when not so, at 5.30 a.m. on Saturday, cuteness looks a bit mixed with a screaming Doom’s face, but otherwise, just look:

cat familys rest after playing

bengal cat mama's and son's love



I told you…

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