Spring expedition

Oh boy, season of beautiful, sunny days. We had less work, so, how does a hated Monday turn into a beloved one?

With walking expedition together!

Packed some of the necessary equipments: drink water, chocolate, phones for camera, sense of humor and hand in hand on the road! We went to walk a 2 x 15 kms, visiting neighboring towns/villages, parks, lakes.

A nice, stylish town street

And there are recycling and document destroying companies know about fun and cute advertising. Like this one, Paperanha:

paper destroyer unit

On the way, we saw the smallest bird we could spot ever in our life. The real challenge, however, lies in if one can take a picture or even two and others can spot him too! This little fellow wouldn’t really sit on one place too long, and even on one spot moving all the time. So, the challenge is today for YOU: Spot the Birdie below (there IS one). Good luck 😀

spot the bird

spot the bird 2

On the way back to home in the afternoon, we stopped at a McDonald’s, although not a fan of, but they had ice cream and drinks, so well…why not. And we saw an interesting, quite unusual table: with projected games, arcade games beamed onto the table’s surface! Of course, we played! Kids do what kids have to do…


As one would expect, control isn’t great, huge latency you experience with any of the games, but at times can provide some fun while you wait for your orders.

A good day, healthy amount of walking, talking and joking, bursting out in laughs. Some would say, maintaining a fun relationship. There is so much good in appreciating life’s little things. Sometimes the least expensive experiences stick the best… 🙂


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