In the wait for Star Wars

Can’t happen soon enough, really! December seems to be so far, far away.

As that is the initial release date plan for the next installment of my absolute No.1. favorite franchise, always and forever, Star Wars. Episode 8 would have the title: The Last Jedi. Ah, really exciting, just to hear this rolling off my tongue.

In December of 2015 we really enjoyed episode VII. The Force Awakens, on premier evening, although we had our doubts first, knowing that Disney have had a deal with George Lucas’ company over movie rights, but frankly, Force Awakens turned out to be a phenomenal success. And hell sure not without a reason. We all, who sat that night in the theater room watching its first appearance at our cinema, ended up in a standing ovation when the movie  came to the final credits and the typical Star Wars music played, right after Rey and Luke Skywalker stood on a mountain of old Jedi island, with his light sabre in Rey’s hand. It was epic! Epic story and cinematography, acting!

daisy ridley in force awakens

And Rogue One: a Star Wars story wasn’t bad either, although not the same magnitude, yet very entertaining and with a story can interest Star Wars fans. It explains some things from Luke’s and Leia’s times against the old empire and Darth Vader.

As avid fans ourselves, we couldn’t help, we bought two generations of Storm Troopers 3D glasses, sale items of the cinema (besides many other merchandises) and watched the movies with those at the theater, rather than using the usual ones. They are more comfortable, they look cool. And hey, most important, they are related to S.W.!

When you put them on and watch the movie with these, well, you feel the Force flowing through your…endless, geeky imagination. Hell, why not?! This is how they look like on someone (like, myself, below):

practice the Force like Darth Vader shot
You just can feel it, he?! 😀

Release of Episode VIII. Last Jedi is expected to be 15th of December 2017. May the Force be with us all! And two theater tickets.

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