Poetry for music

As you might have been informed by my profile and this site’s content, I love music, especially Trance and its sub-genres from the electronic dance music category.

Not excluding anything else, I have albums and playlists by and with Queen, Guns and Roses, Beethoven and Vivaldi as well as Whitney Houston. But where my heart really goes on from is trance music for sure. Some nice vocal trance, uplifting, or euphoric…all can come!

relaxing with trance music

It is such an important part of my life, that, besides I created some tracks myself (see page about that topic HERE), I can even write about. As a work of poetry.

Trancing away

Once upon a time, a rhythm called me, tender,

Some solid percussions, followed by deep mellow offender.

My instinct’s awaken, excitement surged, when like a child,

Paralysed by nice surprise, stood at the speaker, with gazing mind.

Warm basses, perce and kicks danced in a harmonious way,

More drums and echoed voices gave a bit more away.

Then an old friend stepped up, violently, yet gentle with his sting,

With keyboarded songs, came a violin string.

And as complete as just a family could ever be,

We circled, danced, seemed forever to me.

In harmony they played, reaching the highest peaks,

When fast melodies chased to some tranceful fields.


Hey, nobody told it would be a work of a professional poet, right?! 😉

But I think and feel, it is pretty close to the fact why people around the world love trance; and music in general of course. After all, the first time people got into a trance-like state of mind by music (and some seductive plants, smokes) was in ancient history probably, with some bigger, smaller tribes around the world. Even today, in some remote corners of our planet, you could have the experience of trancing rhythms generated by use of basic instruments. Music, in some form, always has been part of humanity, civilizations through times.


5 thoughts on “Poetry for music

  1. i really do admire your writing skills. There is always something new i learn anytime i read your post.
    I really appreciate you and the efforts you put into your post. God bless you dear. 😉


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