Skull Island is no dull island

Wednesday, what a beautiful day has been, much more than today’s half sunny grey sadness. And to top that nice day, me and wife decided to have our regular date evening, let’s go to watch the movie at the theater we were so curious about: Kong, Skull Island, in 3D of course. Most movies play in nice 3D these days, and we love it.

This was the 3rd type of King Kong movies: original old King Kong with Jessica Lange from 1976, the 2005 (?) Jack Black, Naomi Watts, extended remake with Hollywood’s new additions to the story. It was entertaining. And then 2017’s Skull Island. Now, this was a new spin…And thankfully, they hired Tom Hiddleston, aka, Loki, the guy behind the quote: ‘I don’t think anyone, until their soul leaves their body, is past the point of no return’. Or the disturbed british character from Crimson Peak (a great movie if you ask me…probably you won’t). He never ever disappoints, although this movie couldn’t give him the usual opportunity for showing deeper acting talents, but we did not buy the ticket for Hamlet: Skull Island monologue, but for Kong.

tom hiddleston in kong
Art from the new movie with Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson. Image: Mynet Sinema

It’s mere light and easy entertainment, with Samuel L. Jackson’s character and his growing insanity, and nearing the end of the movie, also his end, with literally one slap of a hand. A giant one. Nice touch (pun very much intended)! 😀

It does have all what we would want from: an expedition to a fantasy location (although Google made it short ago “real” with a Maps Easter egg, placing Skull Island on their service), a hidden agenda, or two, behind the trip, endless body countdown, huge beasts, and a lot humor, enough moments to lighten up and laugh or smile. It’s not a family movie, at least not for the whole family if there are young children, some images, especially in 3D, could be disturbing for them. Overall, good 2 hours cinema experience for everyone. And I saw we aren’t a rare duo to think so, the cinema rooms are filled well for the show, day after day. People like the idea of the show, the visuals, the thrill.

Is it an overly smart movie, one of great intelligence, with deep meaningful conversations in, high moral values behind and life changing motivations to discover throughout the playtime?! No. It is meant to let you easily sit out those hours forgetting your day’s or week’s challenges, stressful moments (if there are any), grab each others’ hands and just relax and let all go. Enjoy an adventure, a load of wit and sarcasm, exotic views and flying limbs and torsos.

One thing is sure, you won’t ask the question what many people asked after the, hopefully, last installment of Resident Evil sequel, Final Chapter: ‘What the hell did I just watch?!’

image of burning skull in kong

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