March 20, first day of spring?

Officially (which isn’t always in sync with reality and expectations after a long enough winter) it is. The first day of spring, and also Google celebrates it of course with a cute Doodle animation on their search site:

spring 2017 doodle google

But, like most years here, reality changes by the day.

Last week we could enjoy some days of sun and 13+ Celsius temperatures, showing that winter lost again the battle, it’s time to make place for Nature’s reviving efforts, let flowers grow, trees to get green again, and birds (cats) multiplying while singing their pairing songs. I sometimes wish cats would have some songs too, instead of the ‘meeeeowwwww meooowwww’ 4 a.m. 😀

And then, today, after last week’s hope giving changes, 20th of March arrived with: grey, wind, cold, and whole day rain! The first day of spring. Officially. And only that, as we don’t really feel the date’s supposed promise. Even the birds shut up today, and I see why.

On the brighter side, at least for Holland, later this week the gorgeous sunny weather seems to return with springy temperatures, says Google’s search and usually it gets its data right from sources, especially the weekend (most important part) is going to be wonderful. Until then, here is a bit reminder what it looks like:


And my current mood and opinion could be described and showed like this:

spring joke

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