A trip down on memory lane

You know about me already, besides cats and my Kath, I love music. A lot.

I really don’t know if there has been a day in  my life without any music. Maybe, I just don’t remember, it is that rare. I have a full time in use Spotify account with uncountable album and playlist saves; I do have Google Play Music too, although I don’t pay both, Play Music has my uploaded albums, and I have 100+ purchased albums on iTunes as well. I have had torrented music, but I stopped with that many years back as I just did not find fair towards the artists and I shouldn’t cheap out on 9.99 a month for unlimited on-and offline music. Come on, these days it is so easy to be on the legal side with! And I am, happily.

My taste in music is quite a big mixed bag, 80% trance music( vocal, uplifting trance, psy, goa, and all others), and then, I have my 37 years old side, playlists and albums with music from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and…classical music! Well, don’t look so surprised, even in trance you can find those back (Adagio for strings anyone?!) 😉

In every genre, every category (except hippy hoppy rap hop maybe) there is something good, often many artists and albums have/had magical contributions to music. On different reason, but music from all ages can have something…something captures your attention, your hearing, eventually, if a piece that good is, and often is, your soul.

I thought, today, let me share with you a playlist, a real walk down on memory lane-type of list, filled with historical songs, from the 80’s, and that’s not only because of their age. They are great. Huge. Even Trump likes them…probably. Although we can’t grab these by the p….prologue 😀

So…do you want them? Yes?! Even if not, here we go:


Sharing is caring, right?! I hope you enjoy!

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