Change is coming…inevitably

Do not get shocked, but I had to decide, given what kind of site this is, to change the looks (entire theme), something far more cleaner than I have had before this. And, for a long while, it will be the last of such move.

As a new blog site, merely two months old, I want to be critically looking at it right now, at (almost) the start, and try to provide the most comfortable, pleasant experience possible for everyone. New readers and subscribed friends of this place alike. So, I’m not doing this change to try to alienate, rather to vastly improve.

Good news is, I found perfection (in my opinion). Clean, optimized for all screens, better organized looks for content you might like and for functions. Also, might be better for reading, navigating. Looks a bit more professional, although it is a personal blog site, presentation is still relevant.

I hope you’ll like the choice made from the available themes of WordPress, and the decisions of organizing and presenting the content and functions (fonts, positions, colors, images, bars). I loved to do it, I personally like the result on both, desktop and mobile. This is also what will stick, remains what it is with the fresh look.


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