One more thing…to charge!

Yay! One more freaking thing to charge. Just because we don’t have enough and we never get lost between our devices’ charging cables already, now, we can charge…wait for it…SHOES! Yes, indeed, those items you wear on your feet outside. Now there are rare models to charge, here in Holland they can be bought at InterToys stores, for kids mainly, in their usual sizes.

shoes on charger.jpg

Looking good, right?

And there it is, the charger, a mini USB one, connected on the top of the shoes. I first saw these this weekend when I visited family and my little niece had them in their charging spot. But why?!

As I figured, the reason is very simple. This brand, whatever it is, redesigned the old light giving shoe theme. This time battery goes longer, rechargeable and shoes have better LED lights, and…user can choose from seven different colors for each of the shoes. Lights also can flash or just be in standstill position. Red lights are on while they are on charge:

charging shoes.jpg

Shoes are sporty, comfortable to walk and run, decent build quality. While we can look at as gimmicky and asking for reasons to purchase (although the approx. 40 euros price tag makes it easier, sure), there can be ONE very legitimate reason: SAFETY. Like, in lesser light conditions. These shoes, I tested shortly, give damn bright, nice lights, if it gets darker outside, it’s definitely easier to spot the kids while they’re walking, playing outside, next to roads maybe even better. Car drivers, bikers see them better.

And hey, it has, for a while at least, the cool factor for them.

And one more damn charging cable around, every household’s sweetest, naughtiest dream! 🙂


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