Trolling: I say deal with it!

Sometimes I like reading blog sites, especially coming from writers, I have my fair share on subscriptions of those, today one more came to the list: Thirty On Tap. Beautiful, clean blog with lot of great thoughts to read, interesting, through a nice scale of topics. Today’s new post of Thirty On Tap got special attention from me (and made me subscribe, seriously, I like that site!), a topic I like to read about from others and discuss if possible: trolls

trolls image
Well, we could imagine some of the trolls like this. At least from the inside, based on behaviour and intelligence.

I can safely say we all know the phenomenon online (in traffic also offline, like taxis, truck drivers): trolling the hell out of victims on social media, forums, news items’ comment sections. Basically everywhere. Trying to drive you insane for their own pleasure, coming from your reactions. At least, if you give any such they’re looking for. The wrong ones. Those you give by an impulse of a normal person who sits baffled by the, often, vulgar comments, showing no logic nor any sign of intelligence.

Now, of course, not everyone has the time and will, let alone energy, to deal with the monsters as they would deserve, making them taste their own recipes and fighting back with (instead of low level vulgarity) wit, sarcasm and intelligent online public shaming (burn) to an acceptable extent, but sometimes we should. Sadly still too many of our good and well thinking and feeling citizens of the world wide web and Earth fall into the trap of these trolls and try to respond back with logic and trying to make sense where none can be found, and in the process showing frustration and anger. Well, my fellow, that is just plain wrong. That is like oil to the fire. That kind of answer is what satisfies the mind-sadists trolling individuals. DON’T DO that!

If you can’t take it, close the thread rather, you just damage your health.

I don’t take those too seriously, BTW, not always at least, but…

You see, I grew up with developing sarcasm to a level where it often burns more than sunrise on the top of Mount Everest, where, on my good days, my sarcasm and wit makes the other quit. I focus my (sometimes dry) sense of humor, love for joking, and put a lot of effort into to make a fool of the monster. Troll gets trolled. And I walk and smile. If the case deserves even more personal attention, I try to track down his other social profiles, forums/sites where he likes to comment most, and for a while, start to follow him and strike there too. You cooked it bitch, now taste your work! Given, at the moment I have the time for and the will to practice a sense of humor so mean and “vile”, the devil would weep.

But just be careful, it can develop to become a habit. A hobby even. Practicing too often and entertains the hell out of your free hours seeing the changes of such threads and the comments coming by from others. Avalanche of laughter.

And before you consciously realize, you turned the new age, modern time’s stress into your personal comedy channel and source of smile (which solves stress quickly and empowering with positivity), and small scale justice. Served cold.

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