A journey ahead

Admittedly, I’m quite excited, little over 2 weeks, on 16th of April, we leave the Netherlands behind and will relocate 1300 km (808 miles) farther, to Budapest, Hungary. The other side of Europe basically. It shouldn’t be new for me, Bp., Hungary is my birthplace, except for that I haven’t seen it for 13 years! That long I lived in Holland (Rotterdam), and ever since, never visited what I used to call HOME.

to a journey
Soon up to the sky and flying away…

For my dear wife Katherine this adventure will be entirely a new experience, one of long term, as she came from the Philippines to the Netherlands to live a life with me, and she doesn’t know any other country in Europe from own experiences, so, I can imagine how she feels. Excitement, curiousity, anxiety. After 13 years, even I have to adjust a bit, learning again some facts about my home land as development surely went on and changes are inevitable, especially in more than a decade.

Still, I’m filled with healthy amount of curiousity, and truly excited about to see my city again where I grew up, finished schools, worked a while, until age 24, when I left for Holland, in April 2004 (what are the odds, right, going back in April! On first Easter day even!). I did my research online about my country, I thought wouldn’t be entirely silly to do so, and looks promising. As my soulmate told me, I draw a full circle in my life: I left Hungary without (considerable amount of) money, in April, without girlfriend or wife, with no child(ren), and later: I shall return in April, with a wife and two Bengal cats. And with money to reboot, fortunately. Circle closed?! OK, we work on that child thingy to happen (if you don’t count our two babies with paws, which we do).

Naturally, you all can expect regular reports from Budapest, photo albums, slideshows, maybe videos on my site. I keep the place updated and will give you a nice tour, show you as much as possible, whenever I can.

To close this now, at the end, very stylishly, some travel jokes 😀

  • A man on holiday in Spain thought he would email his sister back in England. But he made a typo, so instead of sending it to Joan Foster, he sent it to Jean Foster, the wife of a recently deceased priest. When she read it, she fainted. It read: “Arrived safely, but it sure is hot down here.”


  • Doing the rounds of his barns in a remote country area, a farmer came across a parachutist who had landed in hay. “What happened?” asked the farmer. “My chute failed to open.” replied parachutist. “Ah, well, if you’d asked the locals before making your jump, you would’ve known that nothing around here opens on a Sunday.”

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