April’s Fools on the loose

Soon enough, about two days, it is again a great and free day to be a fool: 1st of April!

The day when sun shines longer (the one day when you don’t want), squirrels mate even faster, green is more grassier (and you just went through that, didn’t you?! 😉 ), bunnies hopping happily to cross the road and die silently, unicorns stop farting rainbows, and our beloved fools of family members, coworkers and that one “funny” neighbour (which we barely talk with) come out with their pranks…Brace yourself, all in one day!

Well, honestly, I don’t have either any problem with healthy joking, pranking each other, between safe lines, nothing of course should become too embarrassing or dangerous;  it is a good day for to give and receive…so much ‘attention’ ❤

While we all (or, most of us) are capable of thinking and planning of hilarious mischieves, sometimes it isn’t such a bad thing some assessment refreshing. To make it easy for you (and a nightmare for those who have the bad luck knowing you), I collected some nice more and less known troubles to cause. And because this is a fair site, with all the links:


It wouldn’t be a wikiHow without this

Definitely we should expect from Mashable too!


What should I say…Enjoy! And for your victims…DUCK! XD


Image credit: Rotoscopers

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