Plans for Later, the journey of Now

Seeing the diversity of posts/articles (let’s just call these posts; articles might sound in my site’s case too braggy, egomaniac), one might wonder, what is the particular point (especially putting into the context of later in time, the long-term future) of this blog. Besides being a personal space, open to the public to be read.

Well, it is simple really, yet, there is a layered focus and reasoning behind my blog site:

First of all, to create. To exercise and experiment writing, which is something I always wanted (also with poems and once maybe with writing a book). There is a strong will inside me to regularly express myself in written forms, and it needs to be tested, developed. Writing about anything of my interests; anything surprises me, entertains, delights me. Or, I suspect, might do so to others.

Secondly, later on, in the near and far future, I would love to connect this blog to an online business endeavour: professional YouTube channel(s) and to that related webshops. Plans are beautiful and big for those. This place could present bits and pieces of them in form of posts. No worries! This space was never meant to become an advertisement riddled, ugly place. Never! It is for readers, forever.

Third, I like to talk about a variety of things. And I think it doesn’t have to be something between me and my closest local friends, family members only. I would like to involve more heads into the “party”. Sharing thoughts about relevant topics, sharing info, showcasing creativity to each other (if I have any?!), joking, presenting thought provoking issues, or just simply rambling and writing it down for the sake of writing. Why not?! I mean, there might be once in a while something interesting coming out of such…There will be at least one (poor 😀 ) soul around anyway to read it.

Fourth, and probably the most important: I love it! That is the biggest, main driving point of my efforts: I do love to do it! And I know, you all, the bloggers here, are agreed on this. Do it if you love it, otherwise makes no sense.

And I know, I will love it later as well.

Perhaps even more. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Plans for Later, the journey of Now

      1. Thanks, I have heaps of plans and goals for the blog, but it could be good to get them all out on paper… so to speak.
        If you get a chance I’d love you to check out my blog and tell me what you think.


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