Trying something: a sunday morning coffee time discovery


introduction to bloglovin'


First of all, a great, sunny, cosy blog reading sunday to you all! 🙂

That is how my sunday morning was just starting up: read away. Visiting some known and discover a few new (and awesome, rich) blog sites and enjoying interesting contents. Seriously, how some people write…it’s just amazing!

And a coffee paired with some morning reading activity while waiting for the sun to warm up my thoughts with its first, golden rays, is a waking method completely irresistible.

Through one of such wonderful sites, Reads & Reels, I visited a platform, which seems to be a social place for bloggers and a modern looking reader, Bloglovin’, and didn’t take very long until I signed up. Curiosity, which claimed so many innocent kitty lives…or they say so, claimed me too, again. Maybe I won’t like it, or it may become a major place for me too, to browse and read, time will tell. At least, try something (for me) new once in a while. After all, that is how I started my site. Played with the thought for a long time and one day, in January, I just couldn’t resist and took action. No regrets of course.

Now you know the reason of the link on the top of this post. I’m innocent, just was following orders. 😀

Enjoy your day, the spring sun and air, a good coffee, and have a happy reading!



Update, or P.S.: I see this doesn’t work out…Bloglovin’ just isn’t lovin’…me and my blog. Well, at least their error message is freakin’ good lookin’, eventhough it is wrong.

Update 2 and help for others: do not follow their instructions to place the HTML lines into a new post. Instead, place it in a Text widget on the sidebar or footer area, and voila! Error is gone, your blog is claimed, all is well!

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