Life’s thousands of treasures

With age, they claim all the time, there comes the wisdom. Right?

Not that I feel that old (37) or particularly wise. He-he, come on. But certainly, under normal circumstances, we grow. As the body, so the mind. And with a little luck and with some changes in our lives, we may learn to see and appreciate many little glorious wonders and beauties of our daily experiences in our surroundings. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, go out on a nice, sunny day to somewhere less crowded and open your eyes and ears. Truly open them.

colorful bushes
Open eyes, after an awful winter, might warm your thoughts with Nature’s vibrant color palette.

Take a little time and do it. Like, now, if the time allows.

Once you do, your eyes will be followed by other senses, especially sharply in a spring early morning, like your nose. The smell of green and flower scents when nature’s hundreds of treasures come alive again and call you out. And once you wander around, exploring all the many charming details of new born energy and color explosions right and left, songs of returned, curious birds  give the music for your scene. A scene written and directed by the best producer and director ever: green fingered Ma Nature.

There is enough to stand up for

Your mind can take only so much before it gives entirely in and feels relieved and wants to go for more. This is rehabilitation for the tired, stressed, depressed. Lying down in the freshly prepared, softest bed exists on Earth, and feel despair and doubt slip away. The triangle of new power: sun from above, green from under and around spiced with a mix of warm color parade is your charger. Guaranteed wireless! 🙂

There is recharging strength in gentle beauty

So much gentle touches in this big open art museum, yet so much strength it must contain if it motivates and powers up millions of lives and creates happiness all around. That is the real force. Life’s creating and empowering forces.

And we are so lucky, as humans, we can consciously choose to enjoy all what’s been given. Power devices off, and turn your will on. It takes some steps only, some careful looks with willingly open eyes,wherever your feet take you, open ears and an open soul. The rest comes naturally…it always does, it never fails.


There is much more to see with an open eye close enough


Photos made: by my wife



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