The sides of your (life) Force

I think by now it became absolutely obvious, I’m a Star Wars fan. That story above all for me! One of the things I like about is the description of the Force and its sides. And although it is primarily meant to describe the Jedi’s and Sith lords’ power sources, their philosophy, motivations, it has undeniable relevancy in our galaxy and lives too.

You’ll have to clean up your darkness in order to see the light. And it can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be, so choose not to suffer, okay?

That is a citation as you can see, and it is nicely and fairly linked to the blog post it’s coming from. Those lines and the rest of the post is filled with joy and happy, pink and glorious. It gives the feeling; in my opinion false feeling, no matter what happens, what a situation would desire as response by common sense of the common Joe and Jane, be better and kind all the time. It is written by an, assumably, highly kind individual.

The trouble is, it won’t (always) work! That isn’t our world’s reality, it is bound to fail on a certain point of life.

I believe in keeping both of your sides, making peace with the fact: we aren’t saints. Even Jedis aren’t. Even they had to sometimes put harder measures in place, in orde to bring justice and balance to the galaxy and the (life)-Force. I would even encourage you to embrace your dark side as well, while keeping in check of course, not letting it to overgrow everything else, and let it coexist with your light views and personal attributes. You don’t need to be a saint, doomed to forgive it all. You only need balance.

You see, a bit of a darkness can be good, leaving that piece of darkness might not be the path entirely to go, when that darkness shelters others:

Its dark humor gives smiles when tears seem to be never ending,

Its dark force is able to protect the ones (or One) important to keep well and cared for, that little subtle dark might be empowering just enough to “tear apart” all what’s hostile.

That little dark can make sure the mind has been shielded enough to stand the storm of fools, stupid and ill-thinking, whenever that happens, would occur. Just do not let it to become too far grown and too dominant, so when life changes for the better and sun always shines, the light side of One’s Force can take its place behind the steering wheel.

As for my answer, in a form of a comment there.

Everything has its healthy purpose. What seems to be bad at a shallow first glance, after deeper inspection can become useful for the better, while implemented on its time and it crafts carefully its tools, used with the measure of necessary force only, for a response, and no more. That is the Dark, mastered by the Light, when empowers the wise!

Be a Jedi and Sith tight! 😀

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the sides of force
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2 thoughts on “The sides of your (life) Force

  1. Hey there, Robert ~ When I read in one of your previous blog posts how you didn’t like the movie, “Beauty & The Beast”, I then knew you and I are not vibing on the same wavelength. Additionally, I would never ridicule or challenge your beliefs openly in a blog, as you did mine. As I wrote and as Van Morrison wrote in his lyrics, we create our own reality…it’s in the way you think. You and I think differently and live in different worlds…and it’s okay. Wishing you all the very best ~ Angela


    1. I think you misunderstood the point of the post, which is definitely NOT ridiculing. Challenging however thoughts of others and presenting an other view point is an option. If ridiculing would have been the purpose, the post would have been written in a different style. I don’t think challenging views should be a problem, it starts conversations and motivates further thinking.


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