An (un)expected experience

This time I’m talking about the experience with our Reader of WordPress. A world hiding an incredible amount of jewelry. In plain sight.

I haven’t had much under the section of Following, when I started to create my space to start with writing and with development, few blog sites. A little to start with to read blogs too, besides my book collection. My naturally inescapable friend, Curiousity (mainly cats have been his victims before), never stopped to whisper in my ears, constantly: “We need more, my precious, more of those little hobbitses”. Even when I was writing my own blog articles, never stopped poking my sides…

I listened, so I did a dangerous, careless (now I see, it is) move: I’ve hit Discover, for a first step on the road where no feet ever could turn back the “victim’s” mind from, after that. No help could save anymore after I started to open one chest after an other full with treasures: humor, thought provoking essays, inspiring personal experiences, stories, contemporary literature by rising masters. I fell for all! And no help was desired either, truth to be told about, just so, between us… 😀

While I do enjoy writing and push the publish button now and then, I equally enjoy the pieces my Betters release to the public. My discoveries got even more intensive when I decided to take a peak on those sites which have been created by the ones commenting and putting a Like under my amateur ramblings, tales. And an other layer of rich content opened to my eyes from Blogosphere’s deeper regions. Bright stars of many galaxies in the wide universe of topics and themes.

And as I more experience from this Milky Way of readings; I meet these paired with great conversations, jokes, and eager for continuation of this path. There is indeed so much more than books of known sources to be read. To be enjoyed. To be inspired by and feed your thoughts.

There is the yet unknown, ready to be opened up and never close again…you can try, but we do know how that would end, don’t we?!

There is the path to take on, whenever it is time to push the Pause and take a little time for yourself. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong: you are already READING! You use your brain, your intelligence, imagination. And that is fundamentally good.

old poetry book

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