Cameras for everyone!

I would say, after 2010 became really clear, our dream will come true: we all will have a good/great camera without carrying a burden of kilograms weighing packages. We will be enabled with devices under the 200 grams(!) having gradually improved camera hardware, combined with super fast processing units on board and great camera software.

In 2017, we do have! We finally live the dream and practicing whenever and where ever we choose. Thank technology for that (and for the awful duck faces and billion foodies), the evolution of smartphones has been rapid, and if one really wants and has built up motivations enough, can start to shoot awesome artworks, true art I mean, right away. I don’t say that standalone cameras are rubbish and overrated, hell no. They are marvelous tools, and they have their well earned places and roles.

But smartphone cameras these days shouldn’t be quickly voted down and seen as overrated amateur toys. There are many evidences for on the web, coming from pro photographers, in combination with the right person and eyes, they can produce excellent experiences. We reached the point when the old and the new ways of photographing can be equally considered.

Some of our shots:

colorful bushes

WP_20150308_12_40_10_Pro__highresIMG_004520160505_123236IMG_342620161204_094138 (1)20161204_09413820170106_16025520170120_160247 (1)20170120_16024720170215_125207IMG_20170305_114249-EFFECTSIMG_20170305_11424920170203_150354 (1)20170203_150354

Pictures coming from shots made with:

  • iPhone 6
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  • Galaxy S7 Edge

Where edits have been done, very minimal, were also done on the devices.

These aren’t such what you would put under category Art, but the quality of images can be taken is clear, I guess, point is made somewhat.

2 thoughts on “Cameras for everyone!

  1. Great shots. I too have been trying to explore what can be done with the iPhone camera. I don’t want to spam my link into your comments section, but if you do have look at my “Past-Due Purple Post” here on WordPress I’d appreciate your thoughts.

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    1. Nice sentiment about keeping comments clean, and thanks for the compliment. Of course I will check out your work, no problem. Links, btw, which are related to my posts are just fine, especially if come with meaningful comments together.

      Liked by 2 people

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