Notes on noting

Hi…you again. After all what you’ve read you still aren’t discouraged reading here?! Well, I love that, thank you.

We just came back from a little shopping, more of a grocery, and at the end we visited an office/home store with many interesting and handy dandy products. Elastic bands, hip coffee mugs, ugly decorations no one buys, regrettable gift ideas. You see, all kind of useful items, thousands.

While mommy (wife) was looking for some XL-elastics (for our trip later, using with packaging), I was looking around as well, there might be something I would love to ridicule, just to keep busy myself, for entertainment.

And then, at the office products part of the shop, I saw a few actually, for me, handy, fun stuffs: notebooks. Nope, not the device nor the terrible movie, I already have a great Chromebook, but the paperback tool for writing ideas down on a more old fashion way. I found one particularly funny and helpful in boosting one’s ego:

notebook made funny
I bought it in a heartbeat. It is good with my Parker pen to write on the go.

Yes, yes, I do have laptop, tablet and smartphone. All of them great quality and all the applications needed, but, think about: both my tablet and my laptop could be in some situations outside just to big to note quickly something, or for a full poem to draft down when I have to, feeling the urge. Also, both devices would be too expensive to lose or damage, having stolen. Then, there is this notebook to apply! A champion idea, in my opinion.

And besides, it still gives such an extra le fleur, classic feeling to artistic note taking. Write anything into: future novel ideas, personages, places, to-dos, poetry. Schedules, topics for articles. Whatever! Productivity on a classic way, made fun again.

Yes, we can!

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