I keep you safe

Cats are simple, cats are also sophisticated. Much like we are. Even more Bengals, they are creatures of affection, love, care and a lot of opinions

Just like ours. Roxy (2y ears) and her son Diego (now 7 months old, on this photo below a much younger little boy). Heartfelt. Sure, they can be loud, they can be opinionated, never afraid to express complaints if they think they should. Also, especially Roxy, never afraid to come and give a loving face, a quick and clean expression of: ” you count as the most, you are above all. You feed us, you teach us, you give us security for our lives. You taught me what love is, now I teach mine!”

And she did. She sure did, with some help, a great job. The boy, though older, as sweet in every aspect as mother always has been and still is. Example of how, seemingly simple, creatures can be sophistiCATed as much as we are.

“I keep you safe son!”

When I saw this moment between them, I couldn’t let it fly into oblivion. I had to capture it. I keep heartwarming moments for later, building memories (as we do with wife), look at them later again. Secure what is precious.


Photo Challenge: Security


20170109_214432 (1)

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