The message in a bottle…for You!

To go after what our local time dictates: a very good morning, to all my readers. And for a fact, I just stood up an hour ago. But you, feel free to apply the part of day appropriate for your location’s time (or how you feel at the moment). Just do it now, we wait a bit….

…all set? Purrfect, my colleague of Being Lost Soul Department of Blogospheres.

I haven’t reached yet any big automattic (you see what I did?! 🙂 ) achievements of WordPress with my beloved new blog site; not that it would be a must after three months (on Saturday, mere three), nor it should be the main drive, and it isn’t. Besides statistics are interesting sometimes. There isn’t too much fun in it otherwise, that is really the boring part of this great activity, most days I skip happily! I rather think about and sketch articles in my head.

What I do not want to skip however, is your incredibly growing interest in my writings, opinions, thoughts. You, even subscribing one after an other, mean with this a lot for my efforts. I especially see value in the slowly incoming comments, which I all try to answer quick enough, whenever Akismet boy do not screw up for my good will. By the way, he won’t anymore. Adjustments are made. I do give a damn about reactions. Much more than a damn. I love conversations, so come with it! 😉

I love to do this here, as often as possible, so even with 2 visitors I would keep doing it. You indeed can fall in love with the activity, with creating. Being a day’s report, a poem, thoughts on technology, a short fiction, or fiction version you wish for of a short reality. No matter. But seeing that a growing public finds these efforts of entertaining and practicing important enough to bookmark…well, that is a magical drive. I do sincerely thank you for your time invested in me! Invested here in.

And to be stylish, and appreciative enough, a poem. Personally, specially, and only, for you:

Rose is a damned fool,

Violets are dreadful,

Your daily visit here

Is the most meaningful.

Of course, this is very different from my last work of poetry on 1st of April, which was rather very serious and surely no Fool’s joke, but at times let’s remind ourselves: just not so serious! Let’s put a smile on!



thanks to all

7 thoughts on “The message in a bottle…for You!

  1. Happy to have found your blog, Robert! I found this post inspiring, particularly the note on posting creative tidbits (whether it be a poem, update, etc) everyday. Keep it up, your blog’s really interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, so nice, but I think I am far from such level. That takes a lot more practicing and corrections to be made, but that’s fine. All part of the fun. I hope soon having back some more time to write aand read a bit more often, but our new house and land takes a lot…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You know one thing I love out of the many things I dislike about current society? That everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. So if I say you’re a superstar, You’re one 😀

        I completely understand. Take all the time you need.

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