Joy in simplicity

Diego is a cat. Simple sentence, simple fact stated by. It seems.

I’m a man of minimal and simple things and designs to love on the first place. You should see my phone’s screen: one memo only, Write Something. And I do, every day comes easier. Words do come easy F.R. David.

Diego is a Bengal cat for the biggest part, small part of the genetic pools of house cats mixed in, it is visible. What isn’t visible, what he can transform to. He, you see, sometimes forgets that he is in fact a cat. One moment is a child coming to me asking with big, beautiful eyes for some scratching, running, gently touching my shoulder with a leg, or falling onto my lap while looking into my eyes. Blackmail 1.0.1.

Other times, even more often, he transforms to an athlete, training for the Catolympics. No objects are ignored while jumping and flying. Again other moments gets busy like a monkey, posing like a little one, sitting and playing with something small between his front legs (hands, to say so). Just too funny.

cat's life
“What, you like my flower?!”

He too is a creature of finding the joy in everything, even more than we do. Every little simple thing can keep him busy: a toy flower (he made it a toy, used to be board magnet 😀 ), ball of aluminum-paper, balloons, a stick, my slippers (feet sometimes included, yes. I swear he developed a FEETish!). Or just lying down between us like ‘Look how adorable I am’ And I dutifully agree with him every time.

bengal cat kid
“Those birds look fun…”

I lived always so that animals have been around me, so observing them has been possible for my whole life. And one of my passions. Hilarious more often than not, but, like with Diego, also educational a bit. There isn’t that much needed to become playful, to be happy, to be able to appreciate a little warmer day. Just two wide opened eyes to spot the opportunity. There is always one at least! I learned that step by step, every year, every decade more, to understand and to have no blindfolds. Besides I have a bit of personality of a romantic too. Love to admire beauties.

Probably this is the reason why we have a huge photo library on Google Photos and on our server, filled (clogged up, spammed up) with moments of simplicity. A cat here, a dog there, some fields with flowers and trees, birds trolling our cats, we troll them with bread, our less than sane faces while on holiday making others wonder…Or something else what we see and like with a nice day’s walking, and talking on the way a lot, grabbing each others arms. Probably this weekend again…the season is spectacular. Then cooking something delicious and eating together. Reading together. We always do.

We are a simple couple, with love for all the simple little joys of every day moments through our life. It’s great to have developed the senses for. Try it and get hooked!

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