Out of bounds

Cliches, you might say, and they became indeed from so many usage: Be yourself! Dare to chase your dreams. Think different…

And if they applied carefully, spiced up with your actual own and original thought, they can be motivating to do whatever the hell you want to, to go after. Especially in career. I want to write, having later online media business, writing a book. What no one tells, it might come with a cost, if one could describe it as such: compared to others, you may become an outlier. Slightly or radically, depends on how far you went from the boring general rules of society: sleep, labour, eat, sleep. Bleh.

Everyone who ever dared to stand out with special approaches to life in general and their own path(s), were outliers; bit of outsiders, eccentric (seemed). I would say, refreshingly original. That you, for example, chose to read this through and maybe even think about seriously, makes you different from all others. From those may be part of your family, friend circle, school mates, colleagues. Not that this should be fearful for you, but it is occasionally for them, or at least they find things strange (even if with admiration combined…whenever stand face to face with you 🙂 ).

It is quite normal. Our world, a big chunk of it, accepted norms, proven(?) ways of living, stable looking terms in orde that people can secure their days. Because it brought so much stability in people’s life in the past, it must be the right thing, right?! Of course, not necessarily. Even if the whole family doubts your sanity, your gut tells many other things being right. Not sure those terms make you happy, or later you figure: sure not!

You discovered inside yourself something else; you created new standards, went on path of innovating from scratch because you needed or wanted something. Or you are full with fresh thoughts, weird sounding scenes and personages must come out, must become alive on paper and in others’ imagination. You found solutions on ways no one could ever think of. There can be many motivations and reasons you think outside the box, and it excites you. It is good, great even. Usually big things come from people not resting their minds in comforting standards to ensure a safe career.

Until you’re prepared to be seen as unusual. Weird. Special. Funny, bohemian, interesting, uncommon, one  striking norms, one breaking with habits, nonconformist, dissident, out of ranges of society!

Yes, you are.

You are all those, in one person, in the same time! Every time you sit down and create, against all your friends’ and mother’s “better” advices to do another college or sign for that company. Because little less (or much less) is better than nothing.

All those above names apply to you.

But let me just call you, the Innovator. The world needs you, genius.




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